Examples of use

Boiler installation

With its only 35 kg and its small size it is easy to transport, it will be a valid help to install boilers and air conditioners

Replacement of museum display case

Our Golia lifters are ideal for working in museums where spaces are tight.

Installation of ductings

Our lifters are ideal for the installation of ducting of all kinds.

Installation of lifting sliding windows

Lifting sliding windows are becoming heavier and heavier, and our Golia helps specialists to install these features

Window installation in shopping centres

Our lifters are ideal for working indoors in locations not accessible to other types of equipment

Paddle-ball court construction

Thanks to its versatility, it can be used to install both the structure and the glazing.

Door and window frame installation

The Golia lifter is essential for installing even large door and window frames, in tight spaces not accessible to other types of equipment

Lifting marquees and gazebos

With the Golia Slim line, marquees, pergolas and structures are lifted quickly and effortlessly.

Crystal glass pane installation

Our lifters are ideal for installation in small, tight spaces.

Boiler installation

Thanks to the patented operating system, positioning heavy boilers is easy and effortless

Glass staircase installation

Golia is specialised in the construction site installation of all types of glass and crystal, and thanks to its size and weight it can access every point.

Air-conditioner and heating unit installation

Golia lifters help you to install air-conditioners and heating units weighing up to 280 kg at heights up to 4.5 metres.

Windscreen installation

With our Golia EVO 2.0 300TS lifter, now fitting windscreens on coaches and trucks is more precise and quicker than ever before.

Canopy roof installation

Now, with our lifters and the special accessories the installation of canopy roofs is quick and easy.

Air-conditioning up to 280 kg

Ideal for lifting large air-conditioners, thanks also to the stabilisers it can work even on uneven surfaces.

Crystal glass pane lifting

Lifting panes of crystal and installing parapets indoors or in locations inaccessible to other types of equipment, at heights up to 4.5 m and with weights of up to 280 kg.

Installation of large panes of glass

Golia magnum is easy to transport and ideal for installing panes of glass of 500 kg at heights up to 4.9 m.

Automotive handling

Golia evo 2.0 3500ts lifter is ideal for windscreen replacement.

Goods handling in warehouses

Thanks to their versatility and agility, Golia lifters are ideal for handling goods in warehouses and stock management.

Goods lifting on construction sites

Thanks to the forks provided, our Golia EVO lifter is useful not only for installing glass and frames but also for construction site lifting jobs.